Tomorrow Night: Music of the Civil War

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30th Annual Readathon Begins

Library Director Betty Cattrell kicked off the Haysville Community Library’s 30th Annual Readathon this morning at 8 am by reading the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read manifesto.

Throughout the day citizens of Haysville, library patrons and staff, and guests from around the region will be joining us in a celebration of the right to read.

This year’s Readathon will conclude at midnight when County Commissioner Tim Norton reads his traditional rendition of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. The Readathon will be followed by a special soup and salad dinner, concluding some time after 1 am.

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Tomorrow! 30th Annual Readathon

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Bismarck — A Life

It’s a bit jarring at first to see former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger – long-time admirer of Metternich — reviewing a biography of Germany’s Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. But Kissinger’s review of Jonathan Steinberg’s new Bismarck – A Life for the New York Times Review of Books is well worth reading:

“Bismarck,” Kissinger writes, “is often cited as the quintessential realist, relying on power at the expense of ideals. He was, in fact, far more complicated.” And so, indeed, he was . . .

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This Friday: 30th Annual Readathon

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New Consumer Information Catalog Arrives

The Spring 2011 edition of the Federal Citizen Information Center’s Consumer Information Catalog has arrived. Copies are available free, on a first-come-first-serve basis, in the foyer on the table displaying a variety of brochures of interest to consumers.

The Consumer Information Catalog lists dozens of free and low-cost brochures, pamphlets, books and documents from a number of government agencies and departments on a wide range of topics – cars, computers, employment, family, federal programs, food, health, housing, and much more — all available from the Federal Citizen Information Center.

For more information, visit the Federal Citizen Information Center website.

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Tonight’s Book Discussion: The Secret Life of Bees

Tonight, Janet Juhnke leads the discussion of the third book in our springtime TALK series, sponsored by the Kansas Humanities Council, The Secret Life of Bees.

While just one more discussion follows in the official KHC series, the library has decided to add two additional very special book discussions in the month of May.

On Monday, May 2nd we’ll discuss Thomas Fox Averill’s What Kansas Means to Me — another of our ongoing programs focusing on the Kansas Sesquicentennial. And on Monday May 16th, local Living History Interpreter Marti McCartney will host a special nineteenth century tea and discussion of Jane Austen’s great classic Pride and Prejudice.

Book for both discussions will be available well in advance of the discussion dates at the front desk.

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