How Hot Can It Be?

With the rising controversy and increased politicization surrounding the question of global warming, few books could be more timely than Paul N. Edwards’ A Vast Machine: Computer Models, Climate Data and the Politics of Global Warming.

Edward’s work is largely an exposition of the history of meteorology and climatology – “the almost heroic efforts made over the past century or so by tens of thousands of people worldwide to render weather and climate intelligible” — and an assessment of the current state of these allied sciences.

Writing for American Scientist, Noel Castree (Professor of Geography at Manchester University) quite favorably reviews A Vast Machine in How We Make Knowledge About Climate Change. He sums up his appraisal by indicating that “I recommend this book with considerable enthusiasm. Although it’s a term reviewers have made into a cliché, I think A Vast Machine is nothing less than a tour de force. It is the most complete and balanced description we have of two sciences whose results and recommendations will, in the years ahead, be ever more intertwined with the decisions of political leaders and the fate of the human species.”

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