The Wolf Who Cried Boy

“Once upon a time there lived a family of wolves. They stole sheep, ran after deer, and snacked on muskrat and squirrel.

“Except for Little Wolf, that is, who never stopped complaining about what his mother prepared each night for dinner . . .”

Neither Lamburgers nor Sloppy Does can please him, because what he really, really wants is . . . Boy. Baked Boy-tato. Boys-n-Berry Pie. Boy Chops. And therein lies the tale . . .

In this new twist on a very old story, The Wolf Who Cried Boy stands the old fable on its head. The results are quite a great deal of fun on the way to the very same timeless lesson.

Bob Hartmann’s book is entertaining, and Tim Raglin’s pen and ink illustrations a delight.

If you’d like to hear more about The Wolf Who Cried Boy and numerous other delightfully illustrated children’s books, come join us on Thursday May 20th at 1:30 pm to meet illustrator Tim Raglin. We’re not just crying “wolf” – he really will be here in the Haysville Community Library.

Join us for fun. It’s a session neither you nor your little ones will want to miss.

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