Census Countdown

This coming week, 54 Census workers will be training in three separate classes held each evening on the lower level and in the community room of the Haysville Community Library. Because of confidentiality requirements, these training sessions are not open to the general public.

Beginning on Saturday May 1st, these canvassers will fan out across the city and attempt to finalize the Census here in Haysville with a 100% count.

As we’ve noted in earlier posts, an accurate and complete count in the Census is exceedingly important. Census results determine the apportionment of all 435 Congressional seats among and the states, and are vitally important for the allocation of federal funding in hundreds of programs totaling more than $400 billion in expenditures.

As of April 22nd, the participation rate for Sedgwick County was 73% — not great, but nearly at the 74% participation rate of the 2000 Census. At least three Kansas counties were at 80% or above, and many were approaching the 80% level.

For Kansas as a whole, the 2010 participation rate was at 74%, trailing Wisconsin (80%), Minnesota (78%), Iowa (77%), Indiana (76%) and Nebraska (75%). The national participation rate was 71%.

As for Haysville, our current participation rate is 78% — one percent below the rate in the 2000 Census. We can surely do better.

(For more information, see our earlier posts Haysville Counts and Make It Count.)

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