Ravin’ About Crows

Uek and Nalik, Two New Caledonian Crows, Using Tools (Oxford University Behavioral Ecology Research Group)

The BBC turns its attention once again to that clever corvid, the tool-using New Caledonian crow. With a delightful short video and explanatory text, reporter Rebecca Morelie reviews ongoing research into avian intelligence at New Zealand’s Auckland University in Clever New Caledonian Crows Can Use Three Tools.

For even more on this intriguing topic, see the University of Auckland’s New Caledonian Crow Tool Manufacture and Use website, and also the University of Oxford’s Behavioral Ecology Research Group website, which is replete with photos, videos, links and a great deal of interesting and useful information.

Update: Discover Magazine’s blog 80beats adds more to the story in Meet the Genius Bird: Crafty Crows Use Tools to Solve a Three-Step Problem.

Twig Tools Made by New Caledonian Crows Abel and Betty (Oxford University Behavioral Ecology Research Group)

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