Hobbit Update

Homo floresiensis -- A Cast of the LB1 'Hobbit' Skull

We’ve been discussing the case of the unique “hobbits” of Flores Island since reviewing Mike Morwood and Penny van Oosterzee’s A New Human in January 2009. (Typing “hobbit” in the search bar to the right will give you half a dozen other posts, excerpts and updates on the unique diminutive primitive human species Homo Floresiensis.)

Evidence had accumulated that Homo floresiensis and, perhaps, its predecessors, had populated Flores Island from some 800,000 years ago until as recently as about 10,000 BCE. Now it appears that what probably constitutes the ancestral population of the hobbits arrived on Flores some 200,000 years earlier.

This earlier arrival has multiple implications explored in some detail by BBC News in ‘Hobbit’ Island’s Deeper History, and by Scientific American in Hominens Lived On Flores for Nearly 1 Million Years Before the ‘Hobbit’. There’s yet more from Reuters in Hobbit Ancestors Once Colonized Indonesia Island.

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