Write a Piem for Pi Day

Pi Pie (Lincoln County Libraries, Montana)

Sunday, March 14th is, of course Pi Day (3/14).

We’ll be celebrating by baking a pie, as you may well imagine. But there are other ways to celebrate. One is to write a piem – a poem comprising words, each of which corresponds to the successive digits in Pi. For instance:

A gift
A prize

Not a very good piem, perhaps, but as you can see each of the words does correspond to 3 1 4 1 5 9. The virtue, or vice, of this particular medium is that there really is no place to end. Your piem can be infinite. (The most recent record for calculating the value of Pi, as far as we know, extends to almost 2 trillion 700 billion digits.)

So, write a piem and bring it by the library. We’ll post all that we receive.

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  1. If read the book of Kings,
    you’ll see all you need to know,
    where the value of PI is simply 3.0,
    and when you look at Fred Phelp’s face,
    You’ll be comforted to know,
    that’s the calculation used,
    to send him off to space.

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