Phobos Up Close

A very interesting animated video of the Mars Express nearest-ever approach to Mars’ moon Phobos has been posted by the European Space Agency (ESA) (audio in French, animation originally from Boxx blog). The Mars Express approach to within 67 kilometers of Phobos took place the day before yesterday. Results from the flyby are expected to be made available beginning as early as Wednesday.

(For more, see our earlier posts Destination Phobos and Phobos and Deimos.)

Here’s an update on the recent Phobos flyby’s from the March 15 Science Daily.

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  1. […] Earlier this month, we discussed the Mars Express close approach to Mars’ larger moon Phobos (see Phobos Up Close). Now, the European Space Agency has released several intriguing images of Phobos, including the […]

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