A Dust Storm Approaches Elkhart, Kansas, During the Great Dustbowl Years of the 1930s

Our first commentor to yesterday’s post on Timothy Ferris’ book The Science of Liberty referred us to a newly launched website on Dustbowl Poetry. Now, mind you, it’s not an historical site, but a poetic exploration of “the world of a small fictional community that puts a human face on the greatest economic disaster and the greatest environmental disaster of our history.” It’s really quite intriguing, and if the topic interests you at all, I recommend you take a look.

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  1. I would just like to briefly say that because of your excellent librarian, Haysville has now become my absolute favorite city in the state of Kansas, and if there’s anyone there who has a mother or grandmother who lived through the Dust Bowl but does not know how to blog, now is the time to teach her!

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