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This Periodic Table of the Elements (Todd Helmenstine, About Chemistry) shows Copernicium, Element 112, with what had been anticipated as its chemical symbol, Cp. Instead, the IUPAC has awarded it the symbol Cn.

Last Friday, on the 637th anniversary of Copernicus’ birth, the heaviest recognized chemical element –- Element 112 — was officially named Copernicium, with the atomic symbol Cn.

First synthesized in 1996, some 75 atoms of Copernicium have since been detected. This volatile radioactive element is 277 times heavier than hydrogen, and deteriorates into lighter elements within fractions of a second after its synthesis.

For more, see Chemical Element 112 Is Officially Named ‘Copernicium’ in Science Daily.

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  1. well in this page i must rather to say that one of a student of leonora s. salapantan nat’l high school this periodic table of elements that you post is big help to know the meaning of each elements.its a great oppurtunity to view the student and to know it.its my pleasure to show it beacause it can help in my assign.and my studies.its a very important in all student to knows about thank u for posting here ur knowledge it can uplift our pride as a intelligent student…Have a GREAT DAY……………=)

  2. thats cool i love your perodic table

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