Spirit Undaunted

On January 26th, NASA declared that the Spirit Rover, one of the two amazing explorers of the Martian surface whose exploits far exceeded all expectations and revolutionized our understanding of the Martian past and present, would henceforth serve as a stationary science platform. Hopelessly bogged down in a sand trap, Spirit will continue to serve the cause of science from its now fixed position.

Discover magazine celebrates the triumphs of Spirit’s endeavors with a photo gallery of The Best Views from Spirit’s 6 Years of Martian Roving.

NASA also features an excellent short video Spirit: Six Years of Roving Mars. (And here’s another short video made just before NASA scientists reconciled themselves to Spirit’s stationary status.)

For much more on Spirit and its sister rover Opportunity, see NASA’s Mars Exploration Rovers home page.

To find out more about the next generation, Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory rover due to launch next year, see this NASA/JPL website.

Update: You should also see Mars Rover Spirit Could Rise Again in New Scientist.

Spirit's Journey

Spirit's Final Tracks

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  1. Here’s an excellent brief explanation of what Spirit will be doing if it remains stationary: from NASA, Spirit’s Journey to the Center of Mars.

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