Bon Voyage

Voyager Golden Record

Thirty-three years ago, near the end of summer, the two Voyager spacecraft were launched on a path which, after rich discoveries in the exploration of the outer planets and their moons, would take them outward beyond the bounds of the solar system.

Today, the Voyagers are two of the most distant manmade objects from earth, Voyager 1 approaching 17 billion kilometers (more than twice the distance of Pluto), Voyager 2 more than 13 billion kilometers from earth. And each of the Voyagers bears a special golden record intended to last a billion years. But there’s more. National Public Radio tells the story.

For more information about the golden records themselves, see this page at the Voyager Mission website.

For yet further information, see our earlier post The Voyagers: Interstellar Discovery, or visit the NASA/JPL website on the Voyagers’ continuing mission.

The Voyages Continue

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