WISE Spies on Starry Skies

Launched on December 14 last year, NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Camera (WISE) has fully deployed and captured its first look at the universe. The “first light” view above represents a swath of the sky roughly three times the width of a full moon, looking out toward the Carina constellation, and comprising some 3,000 stars.

WISE will soon be ready to begin its mission of conducting an infrared survey of the entire sky, searching out hidden asteroids, brown dwarfs and distant galaxies, detecting objects of interest for more intensive study by the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes, among numerous others.

Every eleven seconds for the next six months, once its mission begins, WISE will photograph one of what will ultimately be millions of views, encompassing the entire sky. When the six months have ended, WISE will start again, and resurvey half the sky, until its supply of coolant is exhausted.

For more information about this image, or for current news on the WISE spacecraft, see NASA’s WISE Mission News page, or look over the WISE Mission main page.

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