The Voyagers: Interstellar Discovery

Launched just over 32 years ago, space probes Voyager 1 and 2 continue to expand our knowledge of the solar system and its surrounding medium. Most recently, scientists have used data collected by the two probes to solve a longstanding mystery: the passage of the solar system through a vast interstellar dust cloud 30 light years wide that should not, it was thought, exist. Now we know why it does. (A strong magnetic field sustains the cloud despite the pressure of million-degree gases expelled by the explosion of a cluster of supernovas some 10 million years ago.)

For several interesting sidelights to this story, see this item on the interstellar cloud.

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  1. […] yet further information, see our earlier post The Voyagers: Interstellar Discovery, or visit the NASA/JPL website on the Voyagers’ continuing mission. The Voyages Continue […]

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