New Worlds in Abundance

Gliese 667C System (artist's impression -- ESO)

Gliese 667C System (artist's impression -- ESO)

The European Southern Observatory today announced the discovery of 32 new exoplanets, bringing the total known extrasolar planets to well over 400. Operating at the very limits of contemporary technology, the HARPS instrument has now discovered more than 75 planets in 30 different solar systems.

For more on this announcement, see Scientists Announce Planet Bounty from the BBC News and HARPS Discovers 32 New Exoplanets from Universe Today.

For more intimate details on the operation of the HARPS and its mission, see The HARPS Search for Southern Extra-Solar Planets, a manuscript from Astronomy & Astrophysics.

For more information on exoplanets, view the links related in our earlier post Hard Rain.

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