Green Economy Profiles

Kansas -- Profile of the Green Economy

The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices engaged Collaborative Economics, Inc. to analyze and evaluate the emerging green economy in each of the fifty states. As they indicate, “the profile analyzes the scope of green business activity in each state from 2000 to 2007 (the latest year data is available) and patent activity from 1994 to 2008. Such an analysis can reveal areas of comparative advantage, targets for workforce development, and opportunities for building partnerships within and across green industry segments. This information also helps reveal the extent to which a state’s business base can meet the coming demand for things such as highly efficiency appliances, renewable energy generation systems, high-efficiency building products, and low-emission fuels.”

In the five-page review of the state of the Kansas green economy, CEI reports that “Kansas’ green economy displays a diverse array of green businesses with different levels of specialization. Kansas is clearly a national leader in green transportation . . . . Water management and
environmental quality present other areas of growing comparative advantage.” They further observe that “with more than 3,200 jobs, Air & Environment is the largest green segment in Kansas and accounts for more than 43 percent of green jobs in the state.” Moreover, “Kansas’ Transportation segment is more than three times more concentrated than the U.S. average, while Water & Wastewater is nearly twice as concentrated.” For more, see the full report.

In addition, you’ll find an interactive map of all the states at State Green Economy Profiles which will allow you to compare the relative strengths and weaknesses of each against the others. Just click on a state map for a .pdf of that state’s report.

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