Eerie Fantasy, or Truth?


In a reassessment of the evidence, German art historians assert that Paul Gauguin severed Vincent Van Gogh’s ear with a sword, contradicting the accepted tale of self-mutilation.

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  1. thats quite daft tbh, its widely known that van Gogh suffered from extreme seizured and undiagnosed epilepsy, particularly during his time in Arles. After a heated arguement with Gaugain, he followed Gauguin down a backally of Arles with a razorblade, he then ran home, suffered the greatest seizure of his life and cut off his own ear.

    • I believe that the point of the book so briefly reviewed is that this conventional wisdom is false. I haven’t read the work, so I wouldn’t hazard a judgment about its credibility. It would, however, on the face of it, appear to be an interesting alternative hypothesis.

  2. actually only a peice of his ear, which he gave to his prostitute afterwards…

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