Unemployed? Another Useful Website

Looking for work?

Another new website intended to assist you in your job search is TheCanned.com. TheCanned includes modules on Unemployment Benefits and Health Benefits, a very useful Tips & Tricks blog, a Job Board Directory, along with such features as the Job of the Week and the Layoff Beard Blog.

One example may serve to illustrate the usefulness of TheCanned for the job seeker: an excerpt from the quick entry on What Now? 10 Things To Do When You Get Canned:

“For most, the first reaction after getting canned is either getting emotional or diving right back into the job search. Before you make any moves, here are 10 suggestions for your first days of unemployment.

1. Take 2 days off. You probably have more options than you think and rushing into a job search can be calamitous. Designate a “time out” period and stick to it. Give yourself a chance to shake the desperation and really think about what you want to do next. Get out of the house, ditch the computer for a while, exercise, and make sure that you feel healthy when you hit the job trail.

2. Get your finances in order. Take a cursory look at your finances and make an action plan for staying in the green. Organize your expenses and look to trim as much as possible. For many, putting together a reasonable budget can help you feel back in control.

3. File for unemployment. Especially when unemployment rises, states get bogged down with new claims. For many, it can take over a month to start getting checks. If you get severance, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t collect. Look at your state profile on TheCanned.com for specific directions.

4. Get your story straight. You need to answer a few important questions before you can make a productive work search: are you willing to move? do you want to stay on track or make a career transition? aside from money, what types of fringe benefits or work/life perks do you really want? Equally important, make sure that you know why you got canned and how you want to address it in interviews.

5. Update your resume. Use action words and sharp adjectives. Be as specific as you possibly can on projects. Make yourself sound as skilled, successful, and capable as you possibly can without lying. You can perfect it over time, but get it into working order as soon as possible.

6. Put together an outreach strategy. The best way to find a new job is by networking. Start with your former colleagues, then move on to friends, family, former clients, alumni, etc. Avoid email lists. Nothing feels more impersonal than a “:CC” list 100 people long. Regardless of the truth, people think that you have time to burn now. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.

7. Establish a job board perusal routine. As you can see in the Job Board Listings section of TheCanned.com, there are hundreds and hundreds of sources for new job advertisements. Find the ones that are most relevant to you and get into a routine for when to check them. Where possible, take advantage of email subscriptions and RSS feeds.

8. Take advantage of the time off. Job searching is certainly a full-time job, especially in the beginning. But some of your search can be conducted outside of business hours and from anywhere with an internet connection. Take some time to travel or reconnect with friends. Get a girlfriend or boyfriend. Explore the day-time side of your city that you’ve never had time to enjoy.

9. Read up. If you’re planning on interviewing, having a command of the headlines for the world and for your field is key. If you ever plan on going back to school, now is a good time to study for the entrance exams. GMAT scores, for example, are valid for 5 years from test day. Why not study up and ace the test while you have the time?

10. Stay active. Wake up each morning even though you don’t have to and make sure that you stay fit and eat well. Make time to work out– maybe you can finally hit that elusive fitness goal. Instead of takeout, try learning to cook. If you look and feel good, it will make it easier to stay confident. Most importantly: Grow Your Layoff Beard.”

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