Coupon Exchange Update


Today’s Sunday Wichita Eagle offers an article on the front page, right hand side, above the fold, which reports that, in these times of varied and shifting economic challenges, Shoppers Return to Clipping Coupons. Eagle writers Christina M. Woods and Beccy Tanner aver that “coupon use is growing after 15 years of decline” (according to the Coupon Council of the Promotion Marketing Association) and that “89 percent of the US population uses coupons.”

The article includes a number of helpful hints on maximizing the value of coupons, to which we add one addition: as we discussed in June, the Haysville Community Library maintains a Coupon Exchange. If you’re among the 89 percent of the population that uses coupons from time to time, just ask at the front desk how you might put the exchange to use. As we wrote in that earlier article, you can “bring coupons you clip but can’t use to the library, and exchange them for coupons you need, want and will use. The more Haysville citizens that participate, the better the prospect of each one finding something he or she might use – and the more money each of us can save in challenging times.

“Even if you don’t personally ever use coupons, consider bringing the ones you happen across in the Sunday paper or in the magazines you read down to the library, and donating them to the exchange. You’ll be helping your fellow citizens and improving your community in one more small but important way.

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